AccXel secures new Employer Partnership with Bloor Homes

Another week and another huge announcement for AccXel. This week we are delighted to say that we have partnered with Bloor Homes

As one of our Employer Partners, Bloor Homes will be giving our apprentices employment throughout the duration of their studies at AccXel. This is another huge development for our Apprenticeship Programmes and we have no doubts that Bloor Homes’ team will provide our apprentices incredible opportunities to bolster their education on site. 

In case you’re not aware, Bloor Homes are one of the largest residential construction companies in the UK. They have established an impeccable reputation for building quality homes and communities over the past 50 years that they have been in business. As a family-run company, they know that the finishing touches are what make a house a home, and they ensure their teams go the extra mile for all their clients.  

Last year, our team had the fantastic opportunity to see their team in action on The Grove site in Worcester. Our team was hugely impressed with the housing development site, but we were even more thrilled to learn about the projects they had created for their apprentices. The team, led by David Auker-Howlett, had given their apprentices a plot of land to build an entire house on from start to finish – with lots of supervision of course! Companies giving their apprentices huge opportunities to accelerate their skill development like this are rare, but we believe are necessary to keep apprentices engaged and motivated.   

Commenting on the partnership with Bloor Homes, Nicola Bird said “Seeing an industry leader giving their apprentices such an incredible opportunity to learn and develop their skills only cemented our desire to work with them. Ensuring that all our apprentices are given incredible opportunities to strengthen their learning experience outside of AccXel is vitally important to us, and we know that David Auker-Howlett’s team at Bloor Homes will undoubtedly do this and help set our apprentices up for prosperous careers in construction.”

Bloor Homes’ Apprentices & Katie Hathaway in front of the house they built on The Grove site in Worcester