What apprenticeships do we offer?


A groundworker is an integral part of any construction project. They are one of the first tradespeople you would call to start work on a construction site.

Their primary responsibility is to prepare the ground before and throughout a project.


Bricklayers are one of the best-known trades in construction, and are responsible for one of the most important elements of a project. They are primarily responsible for laying bricks, pre-cut stone, and concrete blocks to construct, repair and extend a variety of structures.


Plant Operations

By using heavy machinery to dig, plant operatrors lift and transport building materials on construction sites.

Plant operators will typically specialise in one form of heavy machinery, and every piece of plant has a unique role on a construction project.


Construction Support Technician

Construction support technicians have an extremely varied role. They will work alongside a number of professional and technical teams across different areas of a construction company to ensure the progression of a project.


Why choose an AccXel Apprenticeship?

Our bespoke apprenticeship programmes are unlike any other! On traditional apprenticeships, you would be responsible for finding your own employment first, before enrolling on a college course. At AccXel, you apply directly to our apprenticeship programme, and we will find you an employer for the duration of your studies based on your abilities, where you live and your travel needs. 

As an industry-led school, we have a better insight as to what skills and knowledge tradespeople need to have successful careers in construction.

Committed employer partners
Small class size
State of the art technology
Practical experience on mock live site
Industry experienced teachers
Graduation ceremonies

How to become an AccXel Apprentice
Submit an online application form
Attend an Assessment Day
Be interviewed by prospective employer
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