Site Manager

Hola, mi nombre es Jessica!

I am from just outside Malaga in Southern Spain. I originally studied to be a Carpintera (a carpenter) at the Fundacion Laboral De la Construcion, which is a college dedicated to construction training. We don’t have anywhere near the same quality Construction Training facilities in the UK, as we do overseas, but it sounds like things are changing for the better with AccXel!

My husband and I met in Spain, he transferred over there, as he was interested in learning different Construction Techniques . After we married, we decided to move to England, as work in Spain was getting harder to find.

I was a little nervous about employment in the UK but found no issues whatsoever finding work. Construction is one of the most stable forms of employment and that was evident during the pandemic!

Getting my qualifications recognised was the hardest part, I started working for this company about a year after arriving in England and gradually moved into Management . Firstly, I became a Supervisor and then progressed on to be a  Site manager . I don’t know if I would have been this well supported back in Spain. The company have encouraged me to continue training and developing new skills, I’m always so grateful to them for having invested in me and I live a very happy life.

The kids can’t get enough of visiting our  Self-build , so we are secretly hoping they choose Construction too!