Managing Director

Hi, I’m Millie,

I love my job as a Structural Engineer and in some ways, followed my parent’s footsteps into Construction. They are both Architects and as a family, we have always been fascinated by the way things are put together to create useable space.

Not wanting to be exactly like them, I studied as a structural engineer. Unlike my parents, who like to make buildings ‘look’ good, I like to make buildings ‘work’ as they should. The best part of my job is figuring out how a drawing can become a reality. Technology and Materials are constantly evolving. It’s a fascinating industry and full of opportunity!

I joined the company 15 years ago, when there was a lot more emphasis on ‘ Design - build ’ in the industry. My employer has always treated me well, paid for my training and I have never felt any desire to leave them. We are work well together and support each other like a family.

I’m so pleased I found a career that suited me and what’s even better, I met a handsome  Project Manager  on site, and we got married last year! The whole build team was invited, and it was the most incredible day!

My role would be best suited to anyone who loves solving problems, whether it’s from basic maths to cutting edge technology. I’m grateful to have helped create record breaking Structures and every time I pass a beautiful building, I smile (especially if I worked on it!)