Alright, how’s it goin? I’m Nathan and I’m a qualified Tradesman ,

I’ve been with this company for about five years now since I was 21. I started Labouring and did my Groundworks NVQ a year or so ago.

My job mostly entails carrying out drainage work on New builds , but occasionally I drop onto Concreting to give the lads a leg up, especially if they’re falling behind. It’s like that on site, we all muck in, or we all end up losing out.

I left school at 16 and, I won’t lie, I hated it. I suppose you could say I messed about; I don’t think I was the easiest kid to get through to in them days. Back then, I was going to play for the Blues and end up Captain of Wales, but you need talent for that! So, anyway, I left without much in the way of qualifications and with even less of an idea, of what I wanted to do!

Working on site has helped me find purpose, I didn’t know what direction I was heading, and my mam was nervous I was going down the wrong path. I wasn’t the most Academic in school but on site, I don’t feel inferior, I’m treated with respect and I’m good at what I do.  

Between you and me, I’m thinking of going for my black hat next and becoming a Supervisor . That’s the thing see, if you show some interest, there is nothing to stop you in construction. I know I will have to put the graft into upping my English and Maths, but I know others who are doing it and realistically, there’s nothing stopping me.

My mam would be bursting with pride, even more than she is now!