Hey, I’m Niamh (pronounced ‘Neve’), and I’m a Plant operator.

I’m currently working with the drainage Gang putting in the deep drainage. I have always wanted to do this since being obsessed with ‘Scoop’ from Bob the Builder, when I was a lot younger. My uncle was a digger driver and I idolised him. Unfortunately, he died before I started my Apprenticeship , so he never got to see me driving a 360, I know he would have been so proud of me.

I was made up when I got my apprenticeship and loved every minute of it. I started off by learning to drive a Dumper and Ride on roller before moving on to a Telehandler , and finally a 360 - excavator . Even though I was keen to use the machines, they were quite daunting to me. But the way the course was structured and the support of the guys on site gave me the confidence. You just can’t forget how much damage you could cause by being  Complacent .

I really like working in a team, it’s great how we all look out for each other. I trust my banksman implicitly.

For example, this drainage we are now doing has so many elements to it, and we all have our own part to play. First the ground is Surveyed for buried services, then I dig the trench out before lowering in the Trench box . This supports the Excavation when the boys (and girls) are putting the pipes in. It’s a job for those who love machinery and are safe pair of hands.