Contracts Manager

Hello, nice to meet you I’m Stanley,

My job is to look after several Sites , making sure the managers have all the resources they need to get the contracts done.

I’m a 35-year-old Contracts manager, I’m happily married with 2 children, and I’ve worked in the Trade since leaving school.

Like most, who left education at 16, I was nervous about starting work and being labelled ‘’the young one’, I thought I’d get bullied and even imagined that I wouldn’t be Physically fit enough to keep up. I’m glad I didn’t let my self-doubt get in the way.

I started as an Apprentice bricklayer, some nineteen years ago and I’ve always been encouraged to upskill by my boss, even now. He’s supported me every step of the way in my career and when I was just a boy, he looked out for me like a Dad would as mine wasn’t around. He put me through my Apprenticeship , and he’s done it for so many of us lads. It’s out of respect for him we work hard each day.

I would recommend my role to anyone, I’ve loved working on site as a bricky, and working my way up. It’s loyalty that’s kept us all together (and of course, the site banter) plus the guys on my course still work here as well. Our Managing Director did right by us, we are all not only in well paid managerial positions but we’re an award-winning house builder too. So, my guess is, we’re doing something right!

My motivation to keep me wanting to better myself, is the beaming smiles on my kids’ faces when I wear my High-vis . They are proud of their Daddy, and my wife quite likes me wearing it too!