Technical Director

Hello, I’m Ted.

As the technical Director, it’s my job is to make sure the company completes its projects successfully. I work with clients, Local authorities , Architects , managers, and Operatives to make sure what we build is up to expectation. I am extremely proud of the work we do, and I am keen for construction to be seen as a progressive, forward-thinking industry which provides a real career for those who enter it. 

I know construction is often seen as a “last chance saloon”, especially at operative level but it’s not the case and I am very well paid for what I do.

Every Occupation within the industry (to some extent) has a level of technical input, which would have been considered ‘unbelievable’ to those like me working in the industry some 30 years ago.

When I left school, I went to university and studied Construction. I then continued my studies doing a further degree in Urban design . Over the years, I’ve worked for several house builders in a variety of management roles, until becoming a Technical Director, which is where my skill’s shine the most!

My job role would be best suited to anyone who enjoys the technical side of construction. I might be carrying out site appraisals one day, then working on detailed Planning applications the next. There is always plenty to do and it’s important to have a great eye for detail!