Construction Technology
Training and competency testing on our state-of-the-art construction simulators. Our simulators operate a 360 tracker excavator, Telescopic Handler and Articulated Hauler.
Simulators allow learners to get more hours in the machine, regardless of season and weather.
Learners train in a safe and relaxed environment. They can practice extreme situations and operations without risking injury or machine damage.
Producing and running a simulator that uses only electricity and no fossil fuels leaves a minimal climate footprint compared to a traditional machine.
Using the unique Tenstar Scoring System which is quantitative and qualitative, AccXel will provide performance-based scorecards; focusing on Safety, Quality and Economy - enabling evaluation, feedback and most importantly proof of competency for employers.
GPS Control Training for Plant Operators
Simplified and connected solutions for increasing staff productivity on site and unifying design data for seamless workflows are essential to keep margin gains and generate profits. AccXel has partnered with construction technology leaders, Leica Geosystems to teach GPS machine control on a unique, intelligent and intuitive hardware and software combination for the construction industry.
Ground penetration Radar Training
Our GPR training course looks at the principles and limitations of the technology, gives attendees plenty of practical hands-on time with the kit and goes through reading and post- processing site scans. At the end of this course you will be able to confidently carry out a GPR survey, understanding even the most complex of environments and deliver accurate maps of your survey area.