For the industry, by the industry.

AccXel was founded by Nicola Bird, third generation of a £80m construction company based in Gloucestershire, K W Bell Group.

It is a private limited company, not a college, created for the industry, by the industry. 

The build of AccXel was co-funded by GFirst Local Enterprise Partnership and K W Bell Group. It is a £3m state-of-the-art construction school, finished to the highest standards of fixtures, fabrics and world class technology. 

Apprenticeships start from age 16 and can be applied for on this website. 

For the industry, by the industry.

AccXel was founded by Nicola Bird, third generation of a £80m construction company based in Gloucestershire.It is a private limited company. With a background in construction training and safety management, Nicola carried out business case studies over 4 years in development, creating a bespoke apprenticeship model which better suited the industry.

Over that period Nicola conducted many seminars and talks to industry to discover and grow what she had already discovered.

In October 2020, Nicola & K W Bell Group were awarded £1.96m by HM Government and GFirst LEP via the ‘Getting Building Fund’ to build and create AccXel, the UK’s first co-funded Construction Skills Accelerator Centre.

AccXel is not just a training school, it is an ideology based upon experience, data, strong values and the aspiration of

We want construction to be aspirational

AccXel has been built to some of the highest standards with state of the art equipment and the latest in teaching and industry technology.

We want our learners to feel inspired and ambitious as soon as they walk through the doors.

Our places are competitive and assessed on attitude, not aptitude so your son or daughter will be expected to show and continually demonstrate their willingness to learn and thrive.

Employer Partners with secured Employment

AccXel is founded and led by the industry, and has unrivalled connections and guaranteed employment with over 30 medium to large employers within a 60 mile radius. To see the full list of employer partners click below:

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AccXel has ‘broken the ice’, had the conversations and will match your son or daughter to one of our vetted Employer Partners. They will start earning money alongside their education at AccXel. To find out what their earning potentials are click the button below:

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All of the apprenticeships start with a 3 week block week and continuing onto a day release programme. Your son or daughter will be paid for the hours at work and in the classroom.

We have a dedicated Employer Liaison Manager to facilitate your son or daughter’s journey as they embark into the world of work and apprenticeships.

We will support them every step of the way.

Progressing their career

At AccXel, we support learning from NVQ2 to post-graduate degree with our impressive Educational Partners.

All learners at AccXel become AccXel Alumni and can restart their educational journey with us at any point in the career, moving onto our Exemplar Skill STEPS© programme.

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