Duration: 1/2 day
Cost per person: £80+VAT
Min: 6 Max: 12

This course covers all aspects of how to use a cut off saw safely and includes appropriate personal protective equipment, selecting and fitting appropriate cutting wheels, operating and refueling the machine through to safe transportation. It will also provide candidates with the correct level of knowledge to operate a petrol driven cut off saw safely.

This course covers:

  • The PPE requirements when using a cut off saw.
  • Machine safety features.
  • How to ensure that the wheel is correct for the machine and its application.
  • The causes of kickback and how to prevent it from happening.
  • How to safely fit the wheel.
  • How to refuel and fit the fuel cap correctly.
  • Conducting a site assessment.
  • How to safely transport the machine.


By the end of the day, candidates will be able to:
  • Understand and demonstrate PPE requirements when using a cut off saw.
  • Understand the safety features of the machine.
  • Carry out pre-start checks and identify whether the machine is in safe condition.
  • Understand what causes kickback and demonstrate how to avoid it from happening.
  • Check that the wheel is correct for the machine and the application.
  • Demonstrate and understand how to safely fit a wheel.
  • Carry out a site assessment prior to starting work.
  • Refuel the machine safely.
  • Know the action to take when fuel is spilt or leaks from the machine.
  • Understand and demonstrate the right technique to start the machine (also from cold)
  • Support material on the ground and demonstrate the correct technique for cutting material on the ground.
  • Use dust suppression.
  • Check and adjust the guard with respect to the direction of sparks.
  • Demonstrate cutting metal using correct technique.
  • Demonstrate the correct method of carrying the machine whilst on site.
  • Understand and demonstrate how to safely transport the saw in a vehicle.


Health FIRST:

If the learners do not bring their Face Fit certificate and own mask, there will be an additional charge of £35 + VAT per learner for Face Fit Test.

NOTE: Candidates MUST be clean shaven

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