Galtec joins the AccXel family! 

We have the absolute pleasure to announce that the Civil Engineering company, Galtec, has become the newest partner of AccXel! 

As a small family business with lots of ambitious plans, we appreciate every company that pledges their support for us. In return, we love to shout about every one of our partners and talk about why we have specifically chosen to work with them! So listen up, while we tell you a quick story about Galtec and how we came to form our partnership… 

About our new partner Galtec 

Galtec was first established by brothers Tony and Terry Galvin back in May 1988. For the first few years Terry worked tirelessly on establishing Galtec as a groundworks company in the South West of England. Whilst Tony was also heavily involved with Galtec, he didn’t join the family business full time until 1993. 

Following Tony’s leap into Galtec, the company had a huge period of growth. Drawing upon their contacts within the industry, both Terry and Tony were able to secure major projects with national house builders, and grow the family business. 

Over the past 34 years, Galtec has greatly expanded its offerings, but are primarily known for their specialist work in constructing:

  • Roads and footpaths.
  • Sewers.
  • Domestic drainage.
  • Trenchworks.
  • Foundations.

Forming a partnership

As a fellow Gloucestershire-based business, our team hoped to partner with Galtec from day one, their impeccable work and admirable company values were on our radar for quite some time. Needless to say we were thrilled when they showed an interest in learning more about AccXel and the training we have to offer. 

When speaking on the partnership Nicola Bird, AccXel’s CEO said “Our teams share similar thoughts and beliefs about our workforce – that the people you employ are your best asset in your business. Any company that firmly believes this should be willing to invest in their workforce, which is exactly what Galtec were ready to do! This made partnering with Galtec a no-brainer for our team.”

As part of our partnership with Galtec, they have pledged to use our bespoke Skill STEPS Programme to upskill their existing workforce and will be utilising AccXel to bring in new talent through apprenticeships too!