Skill Steps 2

All AccXel Skill STEPS© include these 6 mandatory topics to support the ‘whole person’ approach to construction education.
The Built Environment

AccXel introduces learners to, and develops their understanding of the built environment

Health & Safety
Integral to the success of a business is good health and safety practices.
AccXel aims to support learners by demonstrating what ‘good’ looks like.
Support will form the foundation of the learning at AccXel enabling the learner to succeed and drive ambitions on site.
Personal Development
Ongoing personal development is critical for inspiring life-long learning and is strongly encouraged.
Each STEP has a qualification attached to it for personal recognition of achievement.

AccXel Skill STEPS© is a construction education programme for individuals entering and progressing through the industry.

Partnerning with leadership development specialists, QuoLuxTM, to create the Skill STEPS© framework, the programme allows individuals to build upon knowledge as they work their way up the STEPS, gaining the confidence and self-belief required to safely and successfully lead and manage a construction site.

AccXel Skill STEPS© supports life long learning through a structured pathway, whilst easing bottlenecks and supporting career aspirations.

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