About AccXel Construction School

About AccXel Construction School...

AccXel was founded by Nicola Bird who is the third generation of a £80m construction company based in Gloucestershire. 

It was through discussions of succession planning, that it became worryingly apparent that the skills and people are not available to support future growth plans for the business, or even maintain the current market share over the next 5- 10 years. 

As the result of a background in construction training and safety management, Nicola carried out business case studies over 4 years to create a bespoke apprenticeship model aimed at improving the construction industry of the future.

Over that period Nicola conducted many seminars and talks to industry experts to expand her knowledge and fine-tune her ideas. 

In October 2020, Nicola & K W Bell Group were awarded £1.96m by HM Government and GFirst LEP via the ‘Getting Building Fund’. This investment was used to create AccXel, the UK’s first co-funded Construction Skills Accelerator Centre. 

Family business is where AccXel started and how it continues to grow. Nicola shares this new venture with her father Pete, mother Yvonne, and sister Natalie. 

AccXel is not just a training school, it is an ideology based upon experience, data, strong values and the aspiration of future proofing the industry.


Nicola Bird
Founder and Managing Director
Nicola Bird - AccXel Construction School

A spirational

Inspiring aspiration in individuals to excel and achieve their own goals.
C onstruction
Welcoming growth within every sector of construction.
C ollaborative
Collaborating to form meaningful relationships with aligned values.
e X cellence
Striving for excellence is celebrated and promoted.
E ducation
Providing an adaptive, agile and inclusive learning space for all.
L ife-long learning
Supporting continual development for self-growth, confidence and self-appreciation.
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