Thinkproject partners with AccXel

AccXel signs new partnership with leading construction software developer, Thinkproject

We are pleased to announce that AccXel has signed a new partnership with Thinkproject, a leading construction and engineering software provider.

Since its establishment in 2000, Thinkproject has made huge strides towards transforming the industry through digitalisation. The organisation has grown exponentially and currently employs over 700 people worldwide, who have been able to provide digital solutions to over 3,250 customers across 60 countries. In recent years, Thinkproject’s range of digital software has been used in some of Europe’s prolific construction and engineering projects, such as Rhine-Alpine Corridor and Hinkley Point C.

Through the new partnership, Thinkproject will create and deliver bespoke modules on digital technology and the digitalization of construction projects for each of AccXel’s Skill STEPS Programmes.

Speaking on the partnership Thinkproject’s Director of Product Management, Bruce Gordon has said “We are excited to be a part of AccXel, we recognise the challenges faced by the entire construction industry due to the skills shortage and want to make sure we play our small part in inspiring, training and connecting with the next generation of construction workers coming through with the latest technologies they will be using on site as the construction industry progresses towards digitisation.”

In a recent study conducted by CIOB, it was found that more than three-quarters of construction professionals believe that the industry’s management of quality is inadequate. On average, construction projects run behind schedule by 20 months and can incur costs up to 80% more than a project’s initial value. Digitisation of construction management offers a plethora of benefits such as productivity gains, improved communication channels and reduced project costs.

AccXel’s Managing Director Nicola Bird has said “Digital technology is one of the most underutilised assets in our sector. To ensure that we have the workforce equipped to manage new digital systems, we need to start training our workers to use the technology now. We wholeheartedly believe that digital technology is the way forward for the industry, and we are ecstatic to be working with Thinkproject on this new venture.”