On this 5 day course, candidates will learn how to safely operate and service a 360° Tracked Excavator. For the first four days of the course, candidates will train at AccXel, on the fifth and final day, candidates will be taken for testing.
What does the course involve?

This course combines theoretical and practical exercises to ensure all candidates have an excellent knowledge and understanding of operating & servicing heavy machinery, as well as the practical skills to manoeuvre the excavator safely on site.

Candidates will first learn how to operate the excavator on our state-of-the-art plant simulators, before moving onto practical exercises on our mock-live site.

This course also covers:
  • How to operate the 360° Tracked Excavator safely and productively.
  • How to fit and operate ancillary equipment.
  • How to site the machine safely and efficiently.
  • Safe use of bucket/attachment changing areas.
  • Carrying out minor adjustments and routine servicing procedures.
  • Understanding the capabilities, purposes, and limitations of the 360° Tracked Excavator.
  • Safety precautions.
  • Necessary routine adjustments and service procedures, and how to carry them out.
  • Work to levels with the aid of laser equipment and GPS control.

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