On this 4 day course, candidates will learn how to safely operate and service a Cabbed Dumper and Ride on Roller.  For the first three days of the course, candidates will train at AccXel, on the fourth and final day, candidates will be taken for testing.
What does the course involve?

This course combines theoretical and practical exercises to ensure all candidates have an excellent knowledge and understanding of operating & servicing  both the cabbed dumper and ride on roller, as well as the practical skills to manoeuvre both vehicles safely on site. 

Candidates will first learn how to operate the vehicles on our state-of-the-art plant simulators, before moving onto practical exercises on our mock-live site.

This course also covers:
  • Identifying the basic construction, purpose and function of components on the roller 
  • Pre-start and running checks for both Cabbed Dumper & Ride on Roller
  • Setting vehicles for site work and road travel.
  • Travel up and down a gradient
  • Manoeuvring through different chicanes on a dumper. 
  • Travelling over varied terrain on a dumper. 
  • Loading, travelling and discharging dumper loads. 
  • The uses of all controls and gauges for the roller. 
  • Preparation of workspace and set up of the roller for compacting duties.
  • Manoeuvring the roller in confined areas. 
  • Preparing the work space for compacting.
  • Compacting a radius with supported edges.
  • Compacting straight lines with supporting and un supporting edges
  • Parking and completing shutdown procedures on both vehicles.

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